What We Offer


Product USP BP Ph. Eur IP Customized
Phenazopyridine HCl        
Phenazopyridine Granules        
Phenazopyridine HCl-XC        
Valacylovir HCl        
Ferrous Calcium Citrate        
Products Grade Customized
Phenazopyridine Granules PVP
Phenazopyridine HCl-XC PVP
Phenazopyridine Granules LG
Phenazopyridine Granules 5% Gelatin GG
Sulfasalazine 5% PVP SSZ PVP
Products CAS#
Thiosemicarbazide 79-19-6
2,6 Diaminopyridine 141-86-6
2- Amino-5-methyl-1,3,4- thiadiazole 108-33-8


Our two state of the art multipurpose manufacturing facilities located in the industrial zone in Hyderabad, are designed to meet cGMP, EU and USFDA standards to manufacture APIs for regulated markets up to multi-ton levels.

Quality Control Labs

Our Quality Control laboratories are well equipped to perform physical, chemical and instrumental analysis of raw materials, packaging materials, in-process samples and finished APIs, including stability programs and analytical method development & validations complying to 21 CFR Part 11.

R & D

Research & development at Valens plays a vital role in its overall business strategy.

The R&D team at Valens works towards its mission to develop innovative, sustainable and cost efficient chemical processes, which will ultimately benefit its customers. The R&D center located in Hyderabad, India boasts the right infrastructure, as well as capabilities, to develop active pharma ingredients (APIs), intermediates and specialty chemicals. Valens’ R&D capabilities transcends several chemistries, forming the building blocks for products across key segments like human health, animal health, personal care products, dyes and pigments.

The R&D Team is well versed with the regulatory requirements and supports all the regulatory filing in its capacity. Valens strongly believes the concept of quality by design and develops its processes accordingly. The R&D team also works with the focused needs for the generic manufacturers and supports them with development of APIs to meet NCE-1 timelines and para IV filings.